Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lot 44

Last Sunday I finally paid a visit to Lot 44 on Spring and 3rd. I read many reviews of the coffee shop, some favorable, some not so favorable. One of the reviews that I read stated the service was not so good. I have nothing but good things to say about the service when I was there. The cashier was attentive and the barista knew her stuff. We ordered a couple of drinks, a 16 oz. caramel latte, a 16 oz. blended drink (can't remember which one), and a piece of carrot cake. It all came out to 13 bucks. A little expensive but not too bad. The latte was great, it got me wired, exactly what I intended it to do. My partner had the blended drink and he said it wasn't too sweet and he enjoyed it. The carrot cake was pretty good as well. The decor was minimal and clean, which I liked. As far as the wifi, I had no problem accessing the internet on my iPhone, and it wasn't slow, I guessed they worked out the problem they were having. Also, the cashier knew what the T-shirt I was wearing meant, which was a Pretty Girls Make Graves shirt. All in all I be visiting Lot 44 again...

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