Thursday, July 31, 2008

Falafel Express

After getting a much needed haircut at L.A. Barber College I went to Falafel Express on my way home. I was looking forward to the opening of this restaurant. I was glad that I would be able to walk rather than drive to Zankou Chicken to get my chicken Shawarma on. I had some high expectations and I was greatly disappointed.

I ordered the Chicken Shawarma plate at $11.50.
It came with three salads/dips, I had the humus dip, avocado dip, and the marinated eggplant. The chicken was beyond dry. It was chewy and way overcooked. The salads were fresh and were pretty good. The humus was not that great, it really lacked flavor. I also bought a drink for $1.50, which comes out to $13.00. I am willing to give them a second chance and try the falafel. For now, I will be driving to Zankou Chicken to get my chicken Shawarma on.

Falafel Express
433 S. Spring Street
Open Mon-Fri 7AM-5PM Sat & Sun Closed
Free wifi

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