Friday, June 27, 2008

Uncle John's Ham 'n Eggs

I went to Uncle John's Ham 'n Eggs based on a recommendation from
I have since gone there a few times now. The place is on 8th and Olive and is only open weekdays from 8AM to 3PM. I had the day off so I tried it out.

I had the Chasu Pork BBQ and eggs with fried rice and home fried potatoes as sides. It also came with toast all for $7.50, they didn't charge for the drink I believe. I enjoyed it and was plenty full afterwards. I have since tried the Chasu Pork BBQ omelette, which was $6.50 and I did enjoy the omelette more, the serving was a bit less than the Chusu Pork BBQ and eggs. Of the three times I have been there (I am on vacation) it has been full, but there was always a seat available. I asked the waitress why they weren't open on the weekends and she replied that the weekends are to resupply and prepare for the next work week. Too bad...

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