Friday, June 27, 2008

Now in Downtown LA

My first post...
I moved to Downtown from Hollywood back in January of 2008. So it has been about 7 months living in Downtown and it has been an adjustment. I purchased a loft at Santee Village in the Cornell Building, and I love it. The purpose of this blog is to offer updates on the ever changing neighborhood that is Downtown. In the 7 months I have been here, I have seen changes and with more residents coming in I am expecting to see more dramatic changes, time will tell..


love and hate los angeles said...

Hey hi George welcome to the blogsphere...I saw your comment over at
great blog u have..I love the reviews and pictures..keep them coming :)
I also have my own blog

Nathan Buckley said...

I also bought a loft in the Cornell building. I really like it a lot. I'm a little bummed about the Rite Aid but am remaining hopeful for something better.