Monday, January 19, 2009

A Look Inside SB Main

SB Main had their Open House this weekend. The adaptive reuse building is finally ready for move-ins. There are 220 units in the historic building. There were as many as 20 different floorplans to choose from. Rental prices range from $1,200 to $3,700 per month. Square footage range from 450 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft. Many of the units had built walls to divide bedrooms, but some of the walls did not reach the ceiling. Most of the finishes were well done but evidence of cutting corners were apparent here and there. Most of the units had a central air unit that was hidden in a closet, much better than Barry Shy's other conversions. The problem was that there no air conditioning ducts installed just a small duct with no vent sticking out of the closet it is housed in. Maybe they are not done installing the ducts, or they are planning to install ducts, I am not sure. It was just odd. Also, some units had the typical hotel air conditioner/heater that is seen in Barry Shy's other buildings. All the units had exposed brick and large windows. The floors were painted and then an epoxy finish was applied. The ceilings were very tall, and in some units there was room for a 2nd story or mezzanines. Many units were spacious and open. Some of the layouts were odd, for instance, closing one door in order to open another. Some of the units had all in one washer dryers while others had a stackable washer dryer. Many of the interior units were dark as expected, but still had some light. The units had built in closets in the bedrooms. All units come with track lighting and all appliances. All appliances are electric. The prices were reasonable for the amount of space you can get. The deal breaker is parking. Limited underground parking is available for $200 a month for 1 car. $300 a month for tandem parking for 2 cars. They also have outdoor parking in an adjacent lot for $120 a month for 1 car. The building is huge and there are quite a few floorplans to choose from. The penthouse units usually are 2 story and have access to the roof with a private terrace with a gas line hookup. The amenities include a pool and spa, and a small gym. All in all I have to say the conversion was well done with the exception of the air conditioning/heating, and the cost of parking.

More pictures available at inLAonLA's flickr page.


Concrete Jungle said...

Just found your blog - look forward to more.

Keep it green,
Concrete Jungle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

I'm very surprised by the parking cost - that's way above market price right now and will be a big weight on their shoulders as they move forward. I'm paying $140 a month for one space at the 7th/Los Angeles Greyhound Terminal.

Anonymous said...

My roommates and I just checked these out today. It seems they're selling/leasing slowly, as they've both lowered the monthly rents AND are offering all sorts of specials, like $300 off the monthly rent for the first year. That's a 3-BR for $2050/mo... insanely cheap for downtown, though we weren't entirely sold on it (ie, not full walls, one bedroom that didn't have a window!)

Do you know of any other lofts in the area that are on the cheaper end? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

inLAonLA said...

As far as the most inexpensive rental lofts, SB is probably the best choice for the price. Check out SB Manhattan or SB Lofts. Also, SB Spring should be opening up any day now. For smaller lofts Chapman's rentals are a good deal as parking comes free with your loft. Also NCT lofts is also offering free parking. Great Republic's units are comparable but parking is $100 extra per month.

You can't beat the size of the lofts at SB Main, but they do lose points for odd layouts and questionable finishes.

Anonymous said...

Green buildings are the future but one thing that one has to watch out for his mold build up. But this looks like a GREAT addition for Los Angeles. I applaud your efforts ... Immediate Response .. You are my new fav blog! Thanks for being a part of the Los Angeles scene.

Anonymous said...

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Concrete Cutting Los Angeles said...

Do you know of any other lofts in the area that are on the cheaper end? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks! Concrete Cutting Los Angeles